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2021 Gardening Trends

2022 Gardening Trends

Haven’t we all grown closer to our gardens during this year? And if not already, you should. Spending time in the garden, as proven by studies, improves your physical and mental wellbeing. This proves gardening to be one of the best forms of engagement, especially when you have plenty of time. From painting the boundary […]
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Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass

Pros & Cons of Artificial Grass

Nothing is 100% in this world, but if we talk about the pros and cons of artificial grass, then finding its demerits will be a hard nut to crack. Artificial grass is something that has significantly improved over time to provide your home with a perfect lawn. If you need to know about the pros […]
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The Rise of Artificial Grass in the Workplace

The Rise of Artificial Grass in the Workplace

The narrative surrounding how a workplace ought to be has taken a turn for the better. Gone are the drab grey cubicles the 90s was famous for, and open-concept offices are becoming a new trend that companies are actively looking to invest in. The concept behind working tirelessly in an environment that is dark, dank, […]
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Why Your Business Would Benefit From Artificial Grass

Why Your Business Would Benefit from Artificial Grass

Learn how your bussiness will benefit from artificial grass The outlook of your workspace matters a lot. It is important for your employees’ well-being and for a lasting impression on your prospects. Adding some green to an office space always brings out its look – it’s refreshing and vibrant. But how you add the grass […]
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How to Maintain Your Grass

How to Maintain Your Grass

Essencial tips on how to maintain your grass ! Although we primarily supply and install artificial grass, we have over 15 years of experience in the landscaping industry, so we know a thing or two about laying lawn. Even to this day, we have requests to update one section of a project, such as a […]
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