Don't know much about artificial grass? This sections for you. We cover some of the most common enquiries, such as our process and what to expect before, during and after our visit.

Our range of high-quality artificial grass needs very little maintenance - say goodbye to your garden hose and mower. Once the installation has been completed, our expert team will give you some best care tips to prolong that new grass condition.
Absolutely! In fact, a high portion of our customers install artificial grass because they have children in their family. The grass itself is super soft to touch, and you won't have to deal with wet and muddy prints that traditional turf can create.
Yes, our entire range grass of artificial grass is suitable for pets - say goodbye to muddy paws! Another great benefit is your pet's mess can be easily scooped up and rinsed off.
Yes, our entire range grass of artificial grass is suitable for animals - say goodbye to muddy paws! If you're a business owner of a doggy cafe, example, this can benefit you greatly in time and energy as another great benefit is pet's mess can be easily scooped up and rinsed off.
Some yes, but here at A Class Artificial Grass, we only use the best solutions on the market. All our grasses - Standard (40) through to Deluxe (50) are UV protected.
As like all artificial grass, it's made from plastic and will melt under extreme heat. With that in mind, we encourage all of our customers to carefully think about where they position certain items in their garden, for example, a barbecue.
All of our artificial grass is perforated specifically for drainage purposes, as well as the sub-base materials we use. This combination is perfect for letting the water drain away into the ground.
Absolutely! By using the best products on the market, our durable grass can withstand even the highest of traffic. From cafes to children's play areas, our entire range is suitable for adults, children and animals.
Although the principles of installing artificial grass are quite simple, we highly recommend that you have a professional install it. Of course, we would always recommend our expert team to be the ones to do so, but if not, we are here to help your supply only needs.
We have our entire range of artificial grass displayed clearly on our website. At present, we have four options: Standard (40) / Superior (35) / Premium (40) / Deluxe (50), which can be found under 'Our Range'. Here you'll find more information, including product description and specifications, images and a product video. Once you're ready to take the next step, please use our Contact Us page, and a member of our sales team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.
Of course! Although our primary business is artificial grass - installation or supply only, our patio service can be used as a standalone service.
It depends on the project; for example, do you have an existing patio in place already? We've been doing this for many years and our expert team always make sure to clean up at the end of each day.
Yes we do, although due to the fact that cars will be parked on there, not all stone types are available.
Our most popular choice is Indian Sandstone, finished in grey, and it most probably would be our favourite too. Our team will be sure to explain all the different options to you during the design stage.

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