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Our artificial grass has already transformed many wonderful residential and commercial spaces in Essex. Whether it's your garden or a corporate office, it will be the best decision you're likely to make. Discover our stunning range, from standard to deluxe; we have a solution for everyone.

Standard (40)

Our new and improved Standard (40) has been high in demand since entering our range. It is an incredibly popular grass amongst all our trade customers, not only for its cheap price but also for its ‘feel appeal’.

Standard (40) has a luscious soft feel to it, this along with its thick thatch provides support and a lovely soft feel under the foot.

As for the colour, it offers a nice combination of dark lime, light lime and field green giving a unique contemporary look.

Superior (35)

Superior (35) is an extremely unique product. It has an incredibly high thatch which gives the grass a lovely thick feel, this also helps support the grass blades and maintain its natural upright position.

Superior (35) is like no grass you’ve ever felt, it really has to be felt to be fully appreciated! It offers, what can only be described as, a ‘soft gooey feel’. This makes the grass perfect to lie on during a hot summer’s day.

Not only does this grass feel brilliant, but it also looks stunning and will suit any surrounding with its bright lime and dark field mix.

Premium (40)

Premium (40)’s pile height is nothing but dense, squishy, soft and an absolute pleasure to touch. Its natural two-tone field mix gives the effect of a well-kept British summer lawn.

Not just a pretty face – Premium (40) has a polyurethane backing, making this product something special. PU backed products have many benefits – from a customer perspective the PU is beneficial due to its fast-draining in comparison to the standard latex competition, it doesn’t hold liquid meaning odour from pet urine will not be absorbed.

From an installation perspective, it is much more flexible when fitting, the backing is easier to shape and cut, giving you the perfect finish.

Deluxe (50)

Born out of the desire to manufacture the greatest artificial grass on the market, Deluxe (50) is a grass for those that demand the best. Extremely thick, soft yet dense, super realistic and a pleasure to walk on. 

Its natural two-tone field mix gives the effect of a well-kept British summer lawn.

Ditch the garden furniture, this grass is perfect to lie on during a hot summer’s day!


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