The Rise of Artificial Grass in the Workplace


The narrative surrounding how a workplace ought to be has taken a turn for the better. Gone are the drab grey cubicles the 90s was famous for, and open-concept offices are becoming a new trend that companies are actively looking to invest in.

The concept behind working tirelessly in an environment that is dark, dank, and sterile is slowly becoming a thing of the past. People have realised how important it is to create a positive and stimulating work environment. After all, you’re going to feel more inspired under warm lights (if not natural light), with an invigorating colour palette in front of you instead of the glaring of fluorescent lighting.

Business owners are switching to synthetic turf for their offices, i.e., artificial grass that can be installed internally as well as externally in the workplace. Recent studies have shown that greener workplaces boost energy and the willpower of the employees.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass is a one-time investment with minimal after-care involved. The reason workplaces prefer artificial turf is because they are fake, easy to maintain, and cost-effective. There is little to no ground-level preparation needed for installing the artificial turf – it can typically be installed directly on any hard floor.

Stress-free Environment

Having colours surrounding you can be cathartic for the brain. There are particular objects and colours that your brain makes connections with, grass, for example. It makes one feel at peace and has them awash with tranquillity. The colour green is also known to help people relax as it’s associated with nature.

Feeling calm and relaxed has a direct relationship with productivity. Besides, green is a fantastic accent colour that can complement any modern, monochrome office, most of which continue to be as plain as possible – white, inoffensive, neutral (yet somewhat boring) colour schemes.

Encourage Team Building

In today’s society, the majority of us come to the office Monday to Friday and spend most of the day inside, some just in their cubicle, isolated. Installing grass will allow them to find an open expanse of space where they can relax, feel less restricted, take a break from their monitors, and brainstorm ideas in person, ‘forcing’ them to actually communicate with other people in person. This will also help form stronger bonds between the teams and create a sense of cohesion; the workplace doesn’t have to be a tedious, non-interactive place.

Non-slip Flooring Surfaces

Safety is one factor you’re likely to consider as you design an office; why do it uninterestingly? Choose artificial grass to make sure the floor is non-slip whilst retaining a standout design.

Adding Dimensions

Grass flooring will add dimensions to your office. Create an exciting space and introduce new textures that are comfortable for your feet. It alleviates your aesthetic, bringing something brighter and more vibrant to the office.

You’re going to end up having an office space where people would love to work and find talent retention much more effortless.

Artificial grass gets more and more attention as people highlight the importance of having a positive working environment. They realise their rights as workers and have slowly made sure to make comfortable and engaging workplaces a standard to be followed across the board.

If you think you’d benefit from having artificial grass installed in your workplace (or even in your home) then why not get a free quote? In the meantime, feel free to browse our range for more information.


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